Welcome to Whalen Organizing & Consulting, a San Diego-based company that offers customized organization services. Industry expert Lisa Whalen focuses her organization services to cater to small businesses, home offices, and biotech laboratories in the San Diego County area. Some of the services offered by Whalen Organizing & Consulting include:

  • Onsite or Virtual Administrative Assistant
  • Small Business System or Process Implementation
  • Computer Organization
  • Project Management
  • Home Office Organization

Why Organize?

Do you feel that it is not necessary to invest in professional organization for your laboratory, home office, or business? If so, you are not alone. There are countless questions and objections voiced by potential clients regarding the necessity of this service. However, once the job is complete, my clients simply cannot believe the increases in productivity, efficiency, and profit that soon follow. If you doubt the benefits of professional organization, consider the following questions:

Are you frustrated by the clutter around you, in cabinets and closets?
Are you tired of wasting precious time looking for things?
Are you feeling overwhelmed and not in control of your environment?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, disorganization has made a negative impact on your life and business. Let Whalen Organizing & Consulting help you take control of your environment, relieve the frustration and give you back time to do other things.

“Take Back Control of your Space, Time, and Profits”

As a professional organizer and laboratory manager, I understand how easy it is to let a small business, home office, or lab become cluttered. Many of my clients often feel overwhelmed when they consider developing and implementing a system that will work for them, and they don’t know where to begin. Let me make it easy for you! I have years of experience with designing customized solutions to organize any environment. I will work with you personally to ensure that your home office, laboratory, or small business suits your unique needs. To learn how to simplify your life, increase your free time, and grow your ROI, contact Whalen Organizing & Consulting in San Diego today.