Why Organize: Home

The Benefits of Investing in Home Office Organizational Services

If your office is in your home, it’s not too important that you keep it organized, right? The truth is, even if you are the only one who sees it, it is especially crucial to maintain a well-organized home office. Not only will it look nicer, but it will increase your profits, help you enjoy more free time, and even help you to work more effectively. As a professional organizer, I have heard every excuse not to organize, yet my clients can testify to the positive and often life-changing results Whalen Organizing & Consulting delivers. Take a look at the following very important benefits of organizing your home office and ask yourself if any of these aspects of your work and home life may be improved.

Value your Time

Most people choose to work from home so that they can enjoy more personal time away from an office environment. If you are spending too much time searching for items, gazing at photos, or shuffling papers in your home office, you need to consider what that time is worth to you. A customized system by Lisa Whalen only requires about 15 minutes at the end of your work day to maintain an organized and efficient home office. Do you currently spend more than an average of 15 minutes every day on organizational issues? If the answer is yes, what is that time worth to you?

Be your own Support System

If you work from home, the odds are that you work alone. Since you don’t have the luxury of teamwork or administrative assistance, you need to be especially certain that your office space functions as efficiently as possible. If your home office is not organized, you will spend too much of your valuable time trying to collect or find documents or supplies at the expense of productivity. Set yourself up for success by creating systems that allow you to control your business with ease.

Protect your Profit

Many people believe that, when working from home, they can accomplish the same amount of work in less time than they would need in an office environment. Thus, they work less, but earn just as much as office workers. In many cases, this is true; but it takes savvy. If the goal is to spend fewer hours doing a full day’s work in order to increase your ROI, your home office needs to be organized in a way that you can be productive and efficient during your work hours.

Not just your Home Office: Organize your Life

Unfortunately, when work space melds with personal space, it can often be difficult to focus and work effectively. Conversely, when your work is your home you may find yourself thinking about work far more than you would if you were able to literally leave your office behind at the end of the day. When working from home, it is especially important that you organize your home office in such a way that it is a clearly delineated place of business. By drawing the line between your business and personal lives, you will be able to devote yourself more fully to each priority.

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