Why Organize: Business

Does my Small Business Need Professional Organization?

When you own a small business, every penny counts. Many small business owners voice objections to organization services, citing that they are too expensive, not necessary, or ineffective. On the contrary, small businesses can enjoy such benefits as improved client retention, increased profit, and heightened productivity with the services of Whalen Organizing & Consulting. Learn more about how your small business and work life can benefit from professional organization and system implementation by Lisa Whalen.

Improved Customer Service

If your clients are kept waiting while you gather files or search for important documents, you are not sending a positive message about your small business. I can help you reduce client wait times and increase customer satisfaction by making a place for everything you need.

Increased Efficiency

It is not uncommon for employees to dedicate an unreasonable amount of time to office organization, especially in a small business. This is not the best use of your valuable resources. Furthermore, once your small business is organized, you will find your employees are more focused and work more efficiently.

Less Waste Means More Profit

When your office space is not organized properly, it is easy to incorrectly order supplies; your employees cannot work with maximum efficiency and your bottom line suffers. In cases where time is money, organizing your space can dramatically increase your ROI.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Studies show that employees are more productive and content when their workspace is neat. Working in a messy or cluttered environment is proven to result in decreased productivity, as well. By creating a pleasant work environment, you will increase employee satisfaction, morale, and retention.

The Value of your Time

How much time do you spend fruitlessly trying to keep your small business organized? How many hours are consumed looking for files or organizing schedules? With my customized systems, these tasks will be eliminated. You may find that being organized saves you a significant amount of time each day. This is time that could be dedicated to your clients, your work, or your personal life. How much is your time worth to you?

Contact Me for Small Business Organization Services

My small business clients are often surprised at the amount of time, money, and frustration they can save by organizing their work space and keeping it that way. For more information on how a customized organization system may improve your small business, contact me for a consultation.