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Many people who transition into a work-at-home situation do so in an effort to save money and increase their income by spending less time and money on commuting, wardrobe, child care, and other expenses. An added benefit of working from a home office is the potential to spend more time with family, enjoying hobbies, and living the “good life”. Unfortunately, most people don’t anticipate how difficult it will be to delineate between home and work time when working from home. When working from home, it is easy to be distracted, and productivity and efficiency often suffer. At Whalen Organizing & Consulting, I provide home office workers with customized solutions that allow them to achieve maximum productivity, efficiency, and profit from their home office.

The Whalen Method of Home Office Organization

Having worked from home myself, I understand how necessary it is to be organized. I help home office workers by teaching them how to create an office area that is distinct from living space, allowing them to focus on work when they need to. Some of the solutions I introduce may seem simple, but they combine to make a big difference. For example, office supplies should remain in the office, and not be used elsewhere in the household, so that they are always on hand. Personal items should be kept to a minimum (just as in a cubicle) to avoid distraction. In addition to these easy changes, I know how to develop a comprehensive system that will let you work faster and smarter from home, using the organizational tools that are best suited to your needs. Throughout the home office organization process, I help my clients eliminate clutter and restore functionality.

Home Office Organization that Works

When you lead a busy life, it is important that you are able to stay organized with very little time invested. By creating customized home office organization solutions, I address the unique needs of each of my clients. By focusing on a client’s individual situation, I am able to implement a system that not only works for them, but that they can maintain with an investment of as little as 15 minutes a day.

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Are you frustrated by clutter in your home office, but don’t think you need professional organization services? Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions and objections my clients had before they decided they needed my help. Organizing your home office will make your business more efficient and dramatically increase your ROI. To schedule your consultation, contact me today!