Customized Solutions

Customized Organization: The Whalen Key to Success
Some professional organizers have a patented solution that they feel can work for any client or situation. You will never get that type of “cookie-cutter” approach from Whalen Organizing & Consulting. I offer fully customized professional organization services that help small businesses, home offices, and laboratories function to their fullest potential. The key to my clients’ success is customization; I create each client’s organizational system to meet his or her unique needs.

The Tools You Need:

The goal of professional organization is to create a system that is highly functional yet easy to maintain. To do this, it is important that I furnish your space with organizational tools designed for your specific needs. An “in” mail tray on your desk may not be as effective as a basket near the door, for example, or you may need your office supplies stored where you can reach them without leaving your seat. In order for your new organization system to work, it needs to work for you. Ideally, your customized organization system should be so finely attuned to your needs that its use seems intuitive to you.

The Look You Want:

While the main benefit of an organization system is clearly functionality, it is also important that we devise a solution that you find attractive as well. Whether I address your lab space, small business, or home office, it is important that you (and your staff) feel comfortable and happy in your new work space. Not only will an attractive environment increase employee morale and retention: I find that when my clients and I work together to develop a creative system, they are more likely to maintain it. Clients also have better results when they actually like the appearance of their organization system. If you don’t like to look at it, you aren’t going to use it. If you have no interest in maintaining your newly achieved organization, the work we do together will quickly become undone, leaving you with another mess.

Continuing Service:

The goal of customized organization is to create a system that works for you. If, upon living with your new system, you decide that it is not ideal for you, please contact me so that I can assist you. I know that even my most organized clients can slip up. If the clutter starts to creep back in to your laboratory, small business, or home office, contact me for some timely maintenance before you become overwhelmed.

Contact Whalen Organizing & Consulting:

As a professional organizer and laboratory manager, my goal is to help my Whalen Organizing & Consulting clients implement the organizational tools and systems they need to keep their business running at its peak. It is absolutely impossible to achieve success in this endeavor without attending to the very unique needs of each of my clients. To learn more about how I can customize a system of organization specifically for your space, contact me for a consultation.