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Welcome to Whalen Organizing & Consulting, a San Diego-based company that offers customized services for business owners and entrepreneurs.
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About Whalen Organizing & Consulting

Owning a business can be particularly stressful, along with the pressure to do and have it all. All the little things that take time out of our day eventually add up and some aspect of our life begins to suffer. Ultimately, we aren’t as great at multitasking as we think.

You don’t have to take on everything by yourself.
Whalen Organizing & Consulting is about giving you the support you need to do it all.

Virtual Assistant

When you own a thriving business, it can get harder and harder to get things done. As a virtual assistant, I can provide the extra support you need so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Business Organization

Whether you work in a home office or in a corporate office space, I can get your space organized so that you can be your most productive, efficient self.

Business Systems

Sometimes your business itself needs some experienced guidance. I can help you create new procedures and systems to make your business run a little more efficiently, lessening your frustration.

Recent Reviews

“Thank you so much for the wonderful organizing you did for me in my office. My work environment has been greatly improved, literally night and day. Your suggestions and rearranging has made a huge difference! I now walk into my office focused and ready to be productive. Hiring you was the least business investment I have ever made. It is already paying back dividends. I would recommend your services to anyone.”

Anson Cosio – SendoutCards

Recent Reviews

“She was with me every step of the way; sorting, printing labels, helping categorize, she even did my personal documents. As a small business owner, my life has been made easier due to the simple yet effective changes that Whalen Organizing and Consulting has brought to my filing system. The best thing is I know that she is there if I have a question or need her services for a new project because once her client, always her client”

Mandy – POUR Skin Care

Recent Reviews

“I’ve hired Lisa Whalen on many occasions. I find her to be insightful, effective and knowledgable. Lisa’s work is truly something to SHOUT about as she has made a huge difference not only in organizing my business but also in keeping it running. There are many virtual assistants that one can hire but there’s only ONE Lisa! I trust Lisa with all my clients and regarding all confidential matters. Lisa Whalen’s company is one of unparalleled professionalism.”

Bianka – Bower

Recent Reviews

“Lisa is excellent and very flexible with her services. She has been a great resource for me over the past year and I recommend her with enthusiasm.

Mara Hoover NuSkin Enterprises